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Challenge Starts Wednesday January 29

Free 7 Day Yoga Challenge!

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About The Challenge

The goal: To do yoga for 7 days in a row!

Results Expected: Become stronger, more flexible, fitter, have more clarity of mind, an open heart, and all around feel AMAZING!

Maybe even start a personal yoga practice or

take a journey to deepen your yoga practice and knowledge!

What's In This Challenge? (What You Get!)

Step-By-Step Guidance

Listen and move as Swami guides you through the practice, creating effortless movement for you. All you need to do is click play! With Modifications!

New Video Everyday

Everyday of the challenge you will get an original yoga practice to enjoy! Each day is different so each day will be surprising and new.

Daily Email And Support

Each day you can check your email and get inspiring support from Swami and Jason to help get you on the mat for your practice.

Swami will guide you with modifications, so do not worry about difficult postures. When doing physical activity be sure to consult with your doctor, especially if you have a history of past injuries.

Practice Overview

Expect each video to be approximately 30 minutes in length.

Day 1: Upper Body Strengthening

Start this challenge with an upper body focus! Get bicep and triceps definition for the beach!

Day 2: Standing Flow

Standing flow is fun and challenging! Continue with some of my favorite asanas!

Day 3: Hip Unlocking and Enlivening

Sitting all day creates locked and immobile hips! Lets enliven, relax and unlock our hips in today's session!

Day 4: Leg Power

We can't forget about our legs! Great warrior poses and balancing postures help to build strength, balance and flexibility!

Day 5: Prana Flow

Think yoga is only physical movement? Think again, after some easy asana movements, enjoy some unique breathing exercises in prana flow!

Day 6: Fire Flow

The fire element helps us burn what we don't need, get creative and generate some heat! Enjoy fire flow and get burning!

Day 7: Full Flow

We culminate our 7 day challenge with a full body full yoga flow for your enjoyment!

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